Reason #1

Christian Environment

Your values are important to you and your family. A biblical worldview dictates that we strive for our behavior and the behavior of our children to reflect godly principles. These values are first taught in the home and reinforced through our local church, but all too often Christian families are finding their biblical values being destroyed in the secular environments our students face in school. With how much time and influence school has on our children, it is imperative that the Christian parent pay close attention to the environment in which their children are being educated.

Where Students Spend Their Time

Averages based on secondary students

Reason #2

Focused environment

Average Classroom size in the US

Average Classroom size at GLBA

At GLBA, we strive to keep classrooms small, smart, and focused. The best learning happens when students are supported at the highest levels. Students of all learning types benefit from a smaller and more focused environment.

Reason #3

Communicating Environment


At GLBA, we value our partnership with the home. The education you choose for your child should act as an extension of the values and morals you teach at home. To accomplish this, GLBA practices open and consistent communication with parents. Teachers are reachable and students are supported not just academically, but spiritually, emotionally, and socially.